The Archetype of the heroic craftsman as, independent, self-reliant, and of the community inspires my art. Specifically the journey to hone their skills and techniques. As an artist I find opportunity for growth in the time spent at hard work and training familiar to my craft.

Anything an artist creates can be art. A painting, a repurposed object, even their art practice can be considered art. Community engagement, professional practice, and studio work all make up the success of the artist’s craft.

I am interested in narrative and myth. My works tell an ambiguous story of heroic craftsmen. The mythology of the maker, and the sacred object. The works have a theatrical feel, highly influenced by pop-culture and cross-cultural exchange in art. I engage in a pop-cultural exchange through films and hip-hop.

I work in a fusion of painting and printmaking. A technique called woodcut-painting. I lean towards a graphic style. Infused with the aesthetics of German Expressionism and eastern artistic philosophies. My work has a unique dynamic pop, emphasized through the merging of the techniques. I paint and draw on the block and then carve away parts of the painting. I work back into the carved sections with oil paint or ink up the section like a woodblock ready to print. I integrate layered patterns of floral and geometric designs into the compositions, blending together the contrasting styles.