Artist Statement



My work is an enigmatic melodrama infused with a smattering of influences. They range from Kung Fu Films to Hip Hop Culture, through art history, into the everyman and their vocation. It is a tale of the heroic kung fu artisan as graffiti remover.

In a previous vocation, I was supervisor for the OKCPD’s Graffiti Removal Unit. We buffed over 250,000sq ft at over 500 often repeated locations. During the repetition of this seemingly mundane task I noticed the same mind set and attention to detail as when I was working in the studio. I began to see the buffs as paintings in and of themselves. A way to find out what they mean and explore the socio-political implications of the buff, its aesthetics and my role in that.

Kung Fu translates to “time spent at hardwork/training.” My semi auto-biographical tale #RedShirtCollective, a group of heroic kung fu artisans as graffiti removers, emboidies this definition. it is a record of my communal, cultural and spiritual expressions.

I work in a fusion of painting and printmaking, a technique called woodcut-painting. The additive painting with the gouging of the woodblock allow me to artistically emulate the process of graffiti removal. My work has a unique cinematic pop, infused with the aesthetics of German Expressionism and eastern artistic philosophy.  

randall barnes is an artist and preparator working in Oklahoma City. He makes woodcut-paintings, site specific installations, as well as other objects, in response to the buff, community, and pop-culture.

Established in the Oklahoma art community, as an artist, volunteer and community activist.  randall serves on boards and committees with various organizations around the city. He was selected as the 2015 Emerging Artist of the Year by the Paseo Art Association, and Co-Chairs the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition's (OVAC) Momentum: OKC event committee.

barnes received his BFA from Oklahoma State University and is an alumni of Rose State College. He is a graduate of the Oklahoma Arts Council's Leadership Arts program and

randall has been curated into exhibitions such as OVAC's Concept/OK 2016 group show and Momentum: OKC as a Spotlight Artist in 2015. He has been in solo exhibitions across the state of Oklahoma. Most recently, he curated his first exhibition Gnosis: A Hip Hop Art Show in celebration of Hip Hop History Month and its official recognition by the city of Oklahoma City.  

barnes' art is part of private and public collections.